Stars shown bright
Night suffused wide
Darkness flapped its wings
What a coincidence it was
Despite all radiance
Murkiness ruled
Engulfed all the light
She closed her eyes
Let the sky celebrate
The quietus of her desires!


A Piece of Advice

A Piece of Advice
Once I asked my mother,”Why don’t you advice me as other mothers do to their kids?”
My mother replied,”My love it is just that any piece of advice is useless unless accompanied by bundle of experience.You will only know the value of my advice when you will experience a situation without it!”

Birth of Love

The cords of gloom being struck so hard suffused sadness as if it had been her fate! She gazed in space to trace the melody. And stepped outside to find what came her way…Smiled and found. They walked hand in hand to the last corner of universe. Cords were struck again…!
God of love smiled. Mistress of fortune danced to the tunes of Goddess of Destiny… They all had harmony. Eternity got its existence and everything danced in trance to witness the birth of LOVE…!